Seka Aleksic
Background information
Birth name Svetlana Seka Aleksic

23 April 1987 (age 23)

Genres Pop, dance-pop, techno, R&B
Occupations Singer, writer, dancer, actress, record producer, author, fashion designer, video director
Instruments Vocals, piano
Years active 2002–present
Labels Grand Producting - present
Associated acts

Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic


Svetlana "Seka" Aleksić (Serbian: Светлана "Сека" Алексић) (born 23 April 1987) is a Serbian pop-dance singer, fashion desinger, actress and writer. Aleksić recorded all of her music albums in Serbia, but is popular in all Europe. She is performing all over Europe, mostly in big cites. Seka sold more than 10 milion copies, of her three albums, and she become most succesfull singer on Balkan. In July 2009, she ranked as third, most powerfull musician in Europe.


Born on 23 April 1987 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia to a English father, Anton, and a Serbian mother, Andriana, who also lives with Seka in Serbia. Her father was a multimilionare, and he control Serbia and politic in Serbia, and her mother was a Cleaner. Her parents later divorced and she continued living with her mother. When the war broke out, Seka and her family moved to Novi Sad, Serbia and later in Belgrade again. She started out singing Ceca's songs in cafés before she became famous. She record her debut CD, in early 2005. Album has sold more then 3 milion copies, witch is one of the biggest record ever in Yugoslavia. Her become most succesfall woman in Yugoslavia, she became a multi milionare, and she started to writte her own books. She had 5 best-seller in hole world, and she goes to the Gunnises Book of Record. In (2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010), she declarated for most sexy woman in Europa.

Seka has her own clothing line, called "Sexy Seka", released at the same time as her debut album Seka, the line has sold more than 300 milion copies worldwide, witch is biggest record in Serbia ever. Her second clothing line is called "Queen" after her second album Kraljica which was released in the Fall of 2007. She broke up with her boyfriend and manager of 5 years - Zoran. Seka and Zoran have both confirmed in interviews that this it true, but he will continue to be her manager and friend. Seka has found a new boyfriend and she will engaged to Mladen Radulović. In February of 2010, Mladen, was beat up Seka Aleksic, and almostly killed her. She after goes to the police, he must pay her 50$ milion, he hasn't that money and he goes to prison (10 years).




"Mi nismo andjeli 3" (2006) (Lead Role - Breskvica)

"Ljubav i mrznja" (2006) (Lead Role - Katarina)


  • "Zene" (2004) (Best-seller 6 milion copies sold)
  • "Kopija" (2004) (2,5 milion copies sold)
  • "Visoka stikla" (2004) (Best-seller 6 milion copies sold)
  • "Tinejdzerski san" (2005) (2 milion copies sold)
  • "Zabranjena ljubav" (2005) (300,000 copies sold)
  • "Vatromet" (2005) (Best-seller 12 milion copies worldwide sold)
  • "Plava ledena" (2006) (2 milion copies sold)
  • "Ljubavna igra" (2006) (1 milion copies sold)
  • "Kraljica (PART I)" (2007) (Best-seller 7 milion copies sold)
  • "Kraljica (PART II)" (2007) (Best-seller 5 milion copies sold)
  • "Gospodarica tvoje ljubavi" (2009) (Best-seller 6 milion copies sold)
  • "Lepa i uspesna" (2010) (Best-seller 6,5 milion copies sold)

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