Slucajni partneri
Studio album by Seka Aleksic
Released February 12, 2010
Recorded 2008-2010
Genre Techno, Dance
Length 00:52:56
Label Grand Production
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Slučajni Partneri


Singles from Slučajni partneri
  1. "Milo za drago"
    Released: 10 January 2010
  2. "Nije za mene"
    Released: 15 March 2010
  3. "Rodjena s vukovima"
    Released: 3 June 2010
  4. "Što je bilo moje, njeno je"
    Released: 21 August 2010
  5. "Tamo gde si ti"
    Released: 15 November 2010

Slucajni partneri (English: "Random partners") is a Serbian dancepop musician star Seka Aleksic third studio album. The album sold more than 4 million copies which is also one of the biggest Serbia record ever. Songs are techno, dance. With this album was released 5 singles that were huge hits. Has the most Where are you from, even 8 million views on youtube.

Seka: This album is excellent and I really enjoy, I wanted to cross the little techno trick, and that I offered her fans a better song. I don't like singers who recording albums every year, I think that singer had no idea to sing and recording every year album just to keep the fans because they are only temporary attraction, and I want my fans to wait a bit. My favorite song on this album is definitive Tamo gde si ti. Because that song has a beat and i change this scene into the insodia.

Track listingEdit

  1. Idi s'njom (Go with her) (03:48)
    (Seka Aleksic)
  2. Ja nisam nesto slatko (I'm not something sweet) (03:58)
    (Seka Aleksic, Miloš Roganović-Filip Miletić, Dejan Abadić)
  3. Milo za drago (Tit for tat) (04:05)
    (Seka Aleksic, Mairna Tucakovic)
  4. Nije za mene (Not for me) (04:02)
    (Seka Aleksic, Aleksandar Perisić-Romario, Marina Tucaković, Dejan Abadić)
  5. Rodjena s'vukovima (Born with wolfs) (04:38)
    (Seka Aleksic)
  6. Slucajni partneri (Random partners) (04:09)
    (Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dejan Abadić)
  7. Sto je bilo moje, njeno je (What was mine is hers) (03:50)
    (Seka Aleksic, Dragan "Braja" Brajović)
  8. Tamo gde si ti (There are you) (04:28)
    (Seka Aleksic, Marina Tucakovic)
  9. Dva srca na zidu (Two hearts on wall) (04:00)
    (Seka Aleksic)
  10. Devet dana (Nine days) (03:45)
    (Dragan B. Braja, Marina Tucakovic, Dejan A, Sasa Matic)
  11. I u vatru, i u vodu (In fire, and in water) (04:25)
    (Dejan Matic, Marina Tucakovic, Dejan A, Sasa Matic)
  12. Ponovo (Again) (04:35)
    (Marina T, Dragan Brajovic B, Dejan A)